the start of something... different

September first.  For some,  just another day, but for many it's the start of something ... (you fill in the blank).  New apartments, new roommates, new life experiences. For me,  it marks the start of my website, lets see where it takes us! September 1st = craziness in the city. Through this website I hope to keep you up-to-date with my teaching schedule, special class events, and sometimes I'd like to throw in my mind/ body thoughts, experiences, and inspirations.

Take today and do something you love.  Embrace the world.  Take on a challenge.  Better yourself. Grab a book or trashy magazine, and read.  Walk to work instead of driving or taking the T.  Wear your favorite summer dress. Drink an extra glass of water... its hot out!

Love, smile, and dance.

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