Thanksgiving treats

When it comes to dessert, my family is intense. We LOVE our food... and dessert is always a must.  There are so many options come Thanksgiving, and I never know which way to steer. So I decided to compare some popular pies... (serving size: 1/6 of an 8" of a pie) *Please note I am sure different brands offer different nutritional content, this is just based on ONE source. Thanks!

Apple  Pumpkin    Pecan

277                   229                500                       calories

12.9 g               10.4 g             22g                      total fat

18.3g                15,1 g             33g                        sugar

7.7g                  29.8 g             62g                        carbs

Enjoy your family, enjoy your food, and keep dancing!

Posted on November 22, 2010 and filed under food.