staying motivated

Around this time of year the gym gets packed as people try new classes and machines and learn new things about their bodies.  It is so exciting to feel the buzz and energy around classes and the locker room. Are you new to a gym?  Did you recently try a new class? Are you a gym junkie that has taken every class on the schedule? No matter who you are, here are some tips to stay motivated.  You can do this!

It is your body. What could be more important?

1. You just took a new class.  Your first time in a new class will never be easy. You are not only working different muscles, but your brain is going a mile a minute. In my Zumba classes the newbies usually hide in the back. Don’t be shy.  I LOVE newbies. Walking into a new class takes guts.  All I ask is that you not take yourself too seriously.  You might stick out like a sore thumb, but WHO CARES?! You have to start somewhere.  Just remember that everyone was new at some point.  Watch yourself grow and before you know it, you'll become the “regular” in class.

2. You are so accustomed to your regular 9am yoga classthat you tend to zone out and end up just going through the motions.  When we get used to taking the same class we tend to block out ques given by the instructor as our muscle memory takes over.  Take a step back and actually listen to what the instructor is saying. Class will fly and you may pick up a few things you have been missing.

3. You thought class was too hard. Class should not be easy.  That is the exciting thing about working out and watching yourself complete exercises you were once unable to do.  Be mindful of your body...know your limits, but challenge yourself.  Soon enough you will see your body awareness and form change, making your workouts more effective. POOF, the feeling of accomplishment!

Find an instructor that motivates you and who makes you smile and feel as though you can conquer anything.  Unsure of an exercise?  Stay after class and ask!  We are here to instruct, motivate, and help you reach your goals!

Keep dancing!

Posted on January 5, 2011 and filed under fitness.