photo shoot!

I've decided that my blog needs a little more of something in it... YOU!  I am going to start posting photos of you in my blog!

Send me pictures of you or your friends striking dance poses, hitting leaps, performing splits, or landing jumps...anything that says dance and fun! You can have multiple entries each month, don't just stop at one!

The more creative the location the better and you better believe there will be prizes for the best ones!  I don't care if your splits or leaps aren't perfect... it is all about creativity and having fun! Each month I will choose the most creative, inspiring, fun, silly photo and the winner will get a prize.

Get ready, get set...GO!!!  I cannot wait to see what you come up with!!!

Photos sent to me will be posted on 

Email photos to: with the phrase "dance photo" in the subject

line.  Please include a little bit of information about where the

photo was taken. 

Keep dancing,


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