FAGE yogurt...



my pick for best plain greek non-fat yogurt.  This yogurt is delicious and you would think you were eating full fat yogurt due to the creamy taste and puddling like texture. I have always pronounced the name incorrectly until I read the side of the container "pronounced Fay-Yeh"...mmm I still think I pronounce it wrong.

Rarely do I eat plain greek yogurt without any umph. Try some of these additions next time you want a satisfying, yet light on the stomach, breakfast, snack, treat, or just something nutritious and delicious!

- plain yogurt

- walnuts (I like to break them up) or sliced almonds

- blue berries ( or sometimes I do green pears, called Anjou pears)

- apples

- cinnamon

If you are easing into the distinct plain greek yogurt taste you may choose to add some agave nectar or honey.

Posted on February 27, 2011 and filed under food.