Body Rock Sport, thank you

FINALLY! Thank you Kelly Dooley for creating a sports bra that, as you put it, “combines fitness, fashion, and functionality." I could not have said it better myself!

I first came across these stylish bras through a student in my class. Immediately I smoldered her with questions: Where? Who? What colors? What styles? What fabric? It did not take much convincing to give Body Rock a shot.  I live in fitness clothes; therefore, I am always on the prowl for fresh, fun and creative items and I usually go for the ones that can double as functional AND fashionable.  It is so important to feel good in what you are wearing, especially when you are working out.  I felt GREAT in Body Rock.

I was excited when Kelly told me she went to BU for her undergrad degree!  Now she lives in NYC and she launched her business a little over a year ago.  The one thing that I really love most about the business she is running is how vocal she is with her customers.  I emailed Kelly to find out about a bra and within a few hours I got a response, which is something you do not come across often with bigger businesses. I know Body Rock will kick butt! Her passion and creativity shows through in every bra!

Aside from sports bras, Body Rock has accessories, tops and bottoms all of which I intend to try. Check out the website. For a 10% discount type in LAURENH  (case-sensitive) at checkout.

FASHION CHECK My first test was taking the "Ruby" bra out into the city.  I felt sexy and confident as the hot pink bra and the Gold Swarovski Crystal and and Gold Metallic Fishnet rim peeked out of my shirt just the right amount.
FITNESS CHECK If you have taken my dance classes you know that we are jumping around most of  the time. Proud to say, Body Rock held my puppies tight!
FUNCTION CHECK The bra does what I want it to do. Looks great, feels great, and can double as a day out in the city bra or rock out and sweat bra.
Posted on March 8, 2011 and filed under vogue, fitness.