Between training and teaching classes, my voice often feels the stress of screaming, yelling, and shouting.  This all changed when I encountered a particular student in one of my dance classes. She had the most beautiful presence and speaking voice.  After some conversation I learned that she is not only a professional opera singer, but she is a voice coach as well.  Elena Zoubareva is a brilliant and talented coach, singer, and artist.  Elena was born in Russia and has made a huge impact on me and my ability to control my voice. Through her exercises I am learning the "correct" way to speak and project, but I do need to work on my "resonance", right Elena? Our sessions together have made me aware of my voice.  With the help of a Harvard ears, nose and throat specialist and speech language pathologist, Elena has developed a training program called FitVoice.  With her talent, there is no way this program could not be a success!

Elena will be in a segment on Good Morning American on Monday March 14th, between 7am-9am.  Make sure to check her out as she will be analysing the voices of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Oprah and Charlie Sheen.  Congratulations to you Elena!

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