be like a 3 year old

For the past couple of weeks I have been observing kids dance and ballet classes at "For Kids Only" located in, and a part of,  The Sports Club LA.  I am really excited, for I will be teaching my very own CREATIVE DANCE for ages 3-4.5 starting Thursday,  April 21st.

When I first encountered these little creatures I was awe-struck. The way they interact, and laugh, and the things that excite them only caused me to giggle and smile with them.  Their carefree nature was a refreshing part of my day.  I left the class feeling happy and reminded myself that I too was once a kid.... with the same silly ways.

Be a kid today.

*this class is not only for members of SCLA, but open to the public. If you have a child interested in taking class, contact Lisa !

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