ask away!!

I love it when classes are  full and the energy is high. The more energy the class has, the more I feed off that energy. Big classes are great, but can make giving individual corrections really difficult.

In class there will be some exercises that really boggle your mind.  We will be twisting, bending, pushing and pulsing all at one... yes really. Your body will try to move in a way it never has, and getting that mind, muscle, body connection takes time.  It can be hard for your brain to take this on, but stick with it!!  I always encourage you to ask me any questions before or after class:

"Where should I feel this"? "How do I put my leg THERE"? "When do I extend my arm"?

I want every movement you make and every exercise you do to be executed to your fullest potential. Make your workouts work for you.  I look forward to your questions, and your constant growth in my classes.

Keep dancing! 

Posted on May 10, 2011 and filed under Uncategorized.