behind the scenes

Recently, I have gotten into video blogging and I LOVE IT! It is so fun and it seems to just come naturally to me. I do not consider myself an eloquent writer,  so journal blogging (is that even a word?) is more of a challenge for me. Usually I send my drafts to a very talented editor who reads them through and gives me some tips (thanks Merd!). The last video blog I did, "Pepper Fries!", was a blast! I feel more connected to my audience when I video blog and get more of  a sense of immediate gratification.  My video goes out and people respond, just like that!  Video blogging has encouraged me to start cooking and being creative with healthy recipes, so I can share my ideas with YOU.  I also enjoy being able to give people a different view on fitness and actually showing how to pursue it. My approach is based on dance technique, body weight resistance, light weights, bands, and a strong body, muscle, mind connection.

I will continue to post videos, and I hope you follow along and enjoy them! If you have any ideas for videos give me a shout out, I will try to accommodate!

A behind the scenes look at my last video shoot: [youtube]

You would have thought we had a professional studio!

Camera, on tripod, on strainer... clever camera man, very clever!

After some playing around, I figured out how to utilize iMovie to do some very basic editing.

Posted on May 18, 2011 and filed under food.