My cousin called me Wednesday night to ask if I wanted to come to the NKOTBSB concert with her and a couple of her friends. After yelling a little I said "YES!".  The last time I saw BSB I was 13 (?)!

What an awesome marketing idea, merge the most popular boy band from the 80's with the most popular boy band from the 90's and blammo, you have millions of screaming lady fans! Yes, I was one of them.

The concert was held at Fenway Park, which made the whole experience that much cooler. It started to pour half way through, but lucky for us we were the first row  protected under the stadium roof.  Not that the rain stopped anyone anyway, not even NKOTBSB. In fact they embraced it; singing literally in the rain. They were drenched  and transformed the cat walk part of their stage in to a 200 foot slip and slide!

The music was awesome amd both BSB and NKOTB did some of their signature dance moves. Loved!(hah) They seriously rocked it (and still had ABS!).  I told myself that if I was old enough to really appreciate NKOTB when they were big, I would have been a Donnie Whalberg fan, he just has that edge about him... raaarrr.

My class tonight is going to be NKOTBSB music inspired! See  you there!

Posted on June 13, 2011 and filed under fun, playlist.