Sweet Basil

My family gathered together yesterday at Sweet Basil for a nice Sunday night dinner!   Knowing that there would be a long wait mama Hefez  brought a bag of cashews and pistachios for us to munch on so that we would not get antsy.  My parents also brought red and white wine (which we cracked into while waiting) because the restaurant does not serve liquor, but you can BYOB. I usually do not love Italian food, but I enjoy this restaurant.  We ordered 2 salad appetizers, my favorite being the chilled beat salad.  This salad used to be prepared with warm goat cheese, yummm, but they changed their recipe a little for the summer and replaced warm goat cheese with blue cheese... a little disappointing.

We also ordered 5 entrees (there were 8 of us) and split them amongst each other. I like this way of ordering, you get to try everything!

Sorry Sweet Basil, but your tap water tastes funny, so we ordered San Pellegrino.  I had a glass of white wine  and was feeling creative so I added in a little red wine which made it a lighter red and then added some Pellegrino making it pink and bubbly... a masterpiece. It was passed around the table for everyone to try.

Sweet Basil also does not have dessert! WHAT? NO alcohol and NO dessert! We would have usually gone out to Starbucks around the corner for some coffee/tea and dessert, but we were all tired and decided to call it a night. I do enjoy this place, even though it does get cramped. But the food is good and the wait staff is friendly.

I brought along my friend Megan Bra. She is so sassy.

PS thanks brother for adding to the picture.

White Tank= H&M $7.95. Its soft, long, and slinky. Awesome! Black Sweater= BCBG originally $98 purchased for $23! Search those Lord&Taylor racks!

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