my favorite arm series

I love being able to workout with the least amount of equipment. I love being able to challenge my body using ONLY my body. You would not believe how hard it is to lift your own leg, in good form, multiple times. With that said here comes a video that has been requested by many. The loved and hated ARM SERIES! This series is all about you, your arms, gravity, and using all the space around you. Yes, you can move your arms up and down, but to really press through space, almost as if you are swimming in water, creating that resistance as you flex every muscle in your back, shoulders and arms; that extra, heart felt, focused power... THAT is what will make the difference.

It's quite amazing what it will and can do. This is the only focused arm workout I do (other than the bands and ball series in my classes, a total of about 7 minutes a week).  When you do this no weighted arm series, do it with passion. Feel your whole body getting into the movement as you open your chest, pull your shoulders down and back, and really squeeze your shoulder blades together.  You will be amazed at what 5 minutes of what looks like flailing your arms around can do.


Posted on June 14, 2011 and filed under sweat, fitness.