No more messy self manicures

I feel like most people will agree with me when I say painting your own nails = disaster. We are all too familiar with paint all over our hands, the table and the inevitable fumey smell in the air. Well I think I found a solution. I bought Sally Salon Effects nail polish strips about two months ago and finally used it today. It is great! I was surprised how EASY this nail beautifying process was. No smudging, no wet polish, just perfection. It took me under 15 minutes to complete my Manicure. The polish strips are a thin coat of stretchy dried polish that you just press onto your nail. I do not know how it sticks so well... magic.

There are a variety of cool colors and prints. I think I will try the "laced up" print next or maybe "Skinny Jeans"!


I wanted to take some pictures to show you, but realized I left my camera at my cousins house. The next best thing is the camera on my phone and the Photo Booth application on my Mac. I rarely use Photo Booth and my intention was to take only ONE nail shot. I got a little carried away, it was way too fun!

Posted on June 15, 2011 and filed under fun, vogue.