Food and Travel

I am sitting here in the Tampa Florida Sheraton Hotel lobby blogging. WHAT?! Not out in the sun by the pool? Well, sadly the sun has been hiding behind the clouds for the past three days, and looks like it will be for the remainder of my trip. So no sun for me, instead I blog :) I can see how traveling can make a healthy eating pattern and routine more difficult. My biggest tip is preparation! Before I left Boston I made sure to pack some healthy snacks. I packed apples, nuts, raisins, and some cucumber sticks. Sometimes I even pack a box of dry cereal or dry oats prepared with cinnamon and walnuts in a plastic baggy.  You can then transfer your mixture to a cup or bowl and add boiling water or just microwave.

I did not prepare my oatmeal baggy this trip, so when morning came I went to the hotel restaurant and ordered two eggs over medium (no butter) and a slice of dry wheat toast. They also had fruit and oatmeal options.

Here is my lunch! Gorgonzola cheese, tomato and cucumber salad. I asked for them to add some pears.  I love salads that have fruit, cheese, and nuts. No nuts in this salad though. Check this video out for a great salad recipe !


Next tip: HYDRATE!  When you are home with the Brita filter in your fridge, or at work where water is always available, it is much easier to remember to drink and keep yourself full of wonderful H20. Being in a hotel room, or always on the go can make staying hydrated not as BOOM in your face. The first thing I do after I get to my destination is find the nearest store and grab a couple large jugs of water.  It is comforting to always have them on hand and obviously important to keep yourself hydrated!

And finally, as always, keep the ruffage coming. Keep yourself full of clean fruits and veggies. Eating out often can take a toll on your system. Start your dinner off with a nice house salad or instead of home fries ask for a side of sliced tomatoes or fresh fruit.

Off to enjoy the day. Keep dancing.

Coming soon: Last weekend I interviewed a dietician and learned some interesting things (one being some misconceptions with eggs!).  Stay tuned for a video blog!

Posted on July 1, 2011 and filed under food.