The BODY SHOP lips!

My lips felt flaky and dry yesterday and I needed a solution. I walked into The Body Shop looking for a lip scrub. I have never used a lip scrub before, so was confused on where to start.  I asked an uber enthusiastic employee if she could point me in the right direction, and she sure did. I ended up with this.

Lip Scuff $12.00

It's smooth, and at the same time rough. The lip scrub is a lip balm with these little sand like particles to help grind away the dead skin. It felt nice to exfoliate my lips! I will make this a weekly ritual. Is that too often? I have no idea.

After exfoliating, my lips wanted some nourishment. I applied their Aloe Lip Care.

Lip Care Aloe $9.50

I am super picky when it comes to lip products, and I really enjoyed this one. It's NOT sticky, and it gives your lips a little shine. Fragrant free. On my lips it felt comparable to Aquaphor.

Within seconds of picking these two items, the Body Shop employee informed me that if I bought two items the third item is free. So, I went a little crazy and got "NEON PINK COLOUR GLIDE"!

Neon Pink Colour Glide $12.50

For me, this is considered a daring purchase. I usually don't like trying makeup samples in a store, so when I get home from a makeup trip  it's always a mystery as to what I purchased.  As for the neon pink lipstick, it was actually sheer pink, and not the LOUD color I was hoping for. I guess I will ease my way into neon pink!

Here I have the "Neon Pink Colour Glide" with "Aloe Lip Care" on top.

What is your favorite lip product?

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