Do you eat before you work out?

I know many people who are able to go to the gym in the early morning without anything in their stomach. In fact, they say they can not work out in the morning if they eat. I personally need to eat something before I hit the gym. If I do not eat I feel shaky and light-headed, and feel that my energy slacks. Some people choose not to eat breakfast in the morning because of the idea that if you work out on an empty stomach your body will dip into the fat to give you the energy rather than work from the food you just ate.  This does sound convincing, but recent research is showing that this is not the case, and not eating before a workout may actually work against you!

Studies published this year in Strength and Conditioning Journal showed that the body burns roughly the same amount of fat regardless of whether you eat before or after a workout. But those who went to the gym on an empty stomach lost more muscle than those who ate before.

My go to snack before a workout is  whole wheat toast PB and sliced apples or a banana and yogurt. Sometimes a handful of nuts and dried fruit does the trick!

So to sum it up: according to Strength and Conditioning Journal working out on an empty stomach will not burn more fat.

What Sweat with Lauren Hefez fans are eating before they workout:

  • vans gluten free waffle with a spoonful of Greek yogurt on top (sounds yummy right? Follow her blog)
  • a banana ( simple and wonderful)
  • oatmeal is breakfast for MVP Fitness founder and trainer James
  • nothing! (said Kerri, Equinox goer, LH and TAM lover :)

Do you eat before you workout? If so, what is your go to breakfast?

Posted on July 21, 2011 and filed under food, fitness.