Vlogging with Halley

This whole week I was so excited to meet up with Halley for some food Vlogging. After reading Halleys blog I knew we had to combine our forces and create some wonderful healthy goodies.  I was so lucky to have Halley with me for this video. She is an awesome food blogger and taught me things like video blogging is called vlogging... how did I not know this!!! It was awesome having her in the kitchen. She has such a "whatever happens, happens" type attitude when it comes to cooking. So confident and willing to try anything, I think that makes her a great cook!

Uploading videos take forever (for me at least). The video is still loading; 930 minutes remain (that has to be a mistake, right??!) Until then, check out her blog and her latest post about our cooking adventure!

Posted on July 23, 2011 and filed under fun, interview, food.