eyebrow snob

I love good eyebrows. When I see someone with nicely shaped eyebrows its guaranteed that I tell them. Through a recommendation, I tried a new eyebrow shaper 2 years ago, and now I am hooked!  Her name is Cindy Jensen.  If you are looking for a talented shaper, she is it! She tweezes for 30 minutes, trims, and measures. After I am done my face feels bright; I am a new woman! Cindy says the worst eyebrow shape she comes across is the tadpole.  This happens when you leave the front of your brow thick and then right after start to create an arch, but ignore where the natural arch of your brow occurs.

See a resemblance? know someone who needs eyebrow intervention? Cindy is your gal. The cost of a brow shaping is $45, not including tip and sorry no foot massage included! This is the price you pay for the best eyebrows EVER! She also does makeup consults, and makeup for events! You can find her at Studio 9, Newbury st.

Check out my before and after pictures. She never goes tweeze happy, but you can tell her if you like them more thin or full. I like them a little more full.



If you see Cindy let her know Sweat with Lauren Hefez sent you!

Posted on August 11, 2011 and filed under beauty, fun, vogue.