Lauren Bra By BodyRock Sport

From reading my previous posts or following "sweat with lauren hefez" on facebook, I am sure most of you know how I love BodyRock Sports bras. Kelly Dooley, designer and creator of these bras, names each bra she creates after someone. In her "about" she closes by writing:

"Each product in our collection suits different personalities--each piece is named after both real and mystical women whose confidence, energy, passion, style, and/or spirituality have inspired me. When you're happy, you glow from the inside out. I want all of you to GLOW.............xoKELLY"

Kelly told me last night that she was naming a bra after me! I am so excited and honored about this news.  Here is a little snip-it of what the Lauren Bra looks like. I LOVE it, and feel a total connection to the colors and pattern! Nice work Kelly.

The Lauren Bra is  the blue version of the Sophie Bra that Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing in People Magazine and all over Keeping Up With The Kardashians. 

Her new collection has not yet been released on the website but you can pre-order the Lauren Bra, just contact Kelly at Either way, anytime you buy the Lauren Bra, and you live in the Boston area, email me and you will get a FREE 30 minute personal training session by me. Just a little thank you for supporting BRS.

Thank you again Kelly for making women feel beautiful inside and out.XO

*For a 10% discount type in LAURENH  (case-sensitive) at checkout

Posted on September 28, 2011 and filed under vogue, fashion, fitness.