Boston Fashion Week- Daniela Corte Runway Show

I was so excited to get invited to my first runway fashion show featuring Daniela Corte's amazing work for Boston Fashion Week.

I can only imagine the amount of time and creativity that goes into designing all of the unique pieces, not to mention the production and execution of a runway show itself. Such amazing colors and patterns.

Check out a Video of the Runway Show here:


One thing I will eventually do is invest in a better camera. I totally think the shots I took do not do justice to the pieces. I loved the top above.

My favorite part of the show was when the models would turn around and the back of the dress or shirt would be something totally unexpected. I feel that Daniela did this a lot. I was always looking forward to viewing the back of the outfit!

The swimsuit portion of the show was awesome. But please refer to Daniel Gagnon Photography on Facebook, for better pictures of the event.

THE TENT, before the show began.

Mom and I at the show! What did I wear? I had the intention of wearing the DC Voltage Dress, but changed my mind last minute and decided to wear this DC high-waisted skirt, except in faux leather. PERFECT!

The kid in front of me had an awesome camera.  He was able to get greats shots of the models, no matter how fast they moved.

Overall, I LOVED the event and everything that went along with it. I finally got me meet Kelly Dooley, Creator of Body Rock Sports Bras!! She is just as spicy as I thought she would be.

Also... SUGAR lip balm in the welcome bag, score! Be sure to follow Daniela Corte-Studio on Facebook.

Posted on October 5, 2011 and filed under events, vogue.