Morning workouts

I have been training the same three girls every Monday and Wednesday morning for quite some time now. It is amazing to me how much they have improved since their first workout, how much more they are connected to their muscles, and how much I love kicking their butts! We train outside in the North End before the sun comes up, literally. And every now and then as the sun rises one of us will say how cool it is to be working out in the middle of the city, outside, doing something amazing for our bodies.

And within 5 minutes of us saying all of these kind words a car often drives by and we get harassed ... "bitches!!!", but we just is ironic, and funny.

Anyway, back to what this blog is about. It's getting cold and we are sad that our OUTSIDE morning workouts might come to a stand still until we can find an alternative location. So you ask, "how can I continue to workout when it is cold outside!?" Well yes, it might be hard to workout outside, especially if you are like me and really can not handle the cold. Here are some options:

1. Bundle up! On a cold day about 40% of your bodies heat escapes from your head.  You can wear some type of beanie.  I like these or these (just kidding on the second one).  Also stay away from cotton, as that will retain your sweat and then just make you more cold. Rather go for some type of "cold gear top", or some other synthetic material.

2. Chap stick it up yo! Windy cold weather = chapped lips, nose, cheeks, face. Just dip your whole head is vaseline. OK?

3. Do some of my YouTube videos. Duh! Those will keep you in shape and make you smile. Or go to On Demand Exercise TV, or just do my videos!

4. Go the gym, take a class.

5. Adopt an indoor sport. Indoor soccer, tennis, squash, basketball. Do any of these sound appealing.. because I can not think of any more. Any suggestions? Do you play an indoor sport? How do you keep active when outside activity is limited, unless you ski, board or snowshoe! I always wanted to snowshoe!

Posted on October 27, 2011 and filed under fitness.