Reebok photo shoot

I just got back from a Jukari Fit to Fly and Fit to Flex Reebok photo shoot in Toronto, Canada.  I did not really get to explore much of the city, but what I saw during the ride from the hotel, to the set , and back to the hotel, looked very promising. A lot of character and charm in the restaurants and the little shops we passed.

Jukari models hanging out

This was my frist professional photo shoot. I have done video footage before, but still shots are much different. It was a full two days of shooting at Kingwest Fitness. There were 6 girls on the shoot.  Two girls from Canada, three from NYC, and then me from Boston, baby! We had an amazing crew of people; Reebok and cirque marketing , art directors, photographers, stylists, makeup artists and we can not forget craft services. The food was always delicious and healthy. My favorite was the banana chocolate muffins... YUM!  Together everyone created such an amazing atmosphere . The hours flew. Not to say we did not work hard, but it was a fun experience all the way through.

The wardrobe/fitting part was great as we got a sneak peek at what Reebok is bringing us for next season. I can not say much, nor can I share pictures of the clothes or shoes, but I will say I "oooo"ed and "ahhhh"ed a lot.

The hardest part of the shoot was having to hold crazy poses that not only took balance but a lot strength. There were usually 3-4 girls in each shot and getting everyone together and looking good was a fun challenge. There was one time where I thought I was going to lose my lunch. But I held it in and we moved on :) We were often spritzed with fake sweat made of glycerin and rose water, but there were definitely times where the fake stuff was not needed. We were working hard, and today I am sore in all the right places!

On set. Fit to Fly

One last thing, I LOVE REEBOK sneakers.. and no they did not pay me to say that. They have really developed their product and have slowly become my favorite go to sneaker. I was really sad when I could no longer find my favorite Nike shoe, but honestly, I am even more pleased with the Reebok shoes. They have great color combinations and are really comfortable. When I find my top Reebok sneaker I will be sure to post and keep you updated.

I am hopeful that the future will bring me more experiences and opportunities like this one. Thank you Reebok and Cirque, my first photo shoot experience was amazing.

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