motivation to workout

I told myself I would wake up this morning and give myself an awesome workout. I got up, but was so NOT motivated. At that moment I wanted a personal trainer. I wanted someone to tell me what to do and how many reps. So I thought, "how about I watch my videos!" I know it may sound weird, but I did it, and I totally got my workout on!  Thank you Sweat With Lauren Hefez. I sometimes take it for granted that I workout for a living. Going to the gym is my job. I forget what it is like to workout on your own and to motivate yourself. It's not easy, and making it part of your daily routine takes work. So I commend you. Keep it up!

I started with the Best arm workout, into the 5 minute abs series

then came the butt workout

and I completed my workout with how to get a beautiful back and my own quick plank series.

After watching the videos I have been inspired to create more butt/abs/ and arm series when I get home. Those of you who take my classes are used to a more fast paced series, so I am thinking of doing more of those. If you have any other requests please let me know. I hope my videos can continue to inspire you to workout, get your juices pumping, and take you out of your " I don't feel like working out" rut! Off to eat a warm baguette!

Posted on November 14, 2011 and filed under video, fitness.