a taste of Paris

The title of this blog is a bit ironic considering everything listed below has really no French roots, or does not scream "FRENCH FOOD". Regardless, they are all on my list of what I think is wonderful food. My favorite dish so far has been this amazing pumpkin and tomato soup. The restaurant is called Les Philosphes and they pride themselves on making everything from scratch and using only local and organic ingredients when possible. It was quite delicious. It was a cold night and my camera man and I opted for outside seating and chose a spot under a heater. We drank some wine and shared this wonderful bowl of soup. France recently passed a law that smoking is not allowed inside, but is allowed outside. Hence the tables, chairs and heaters outside. I LOVE sitting outside. If I have a heater I am fine, but the smoke does taint the wonderful fresh air. It amazes me how many people smoke. It is part of their culture for sure. Yesterday we went to a huge mall in paris called Printemps. There, I also had another awesome meal. This place was a grab and stay (or go) type place. You can choose from all types of fresh pre-packed food.  The ingredients were listed in French, but this is what I gathered: lentils, crushed walnuts, oranges and parsley carrots, noodles, crab meat, peanuts, lime juice (dish pictured all the way to the left) This dish had a Thai feel to it. amazingly seasoned quinoa, raisins, grapes, hazelnut, blue cheese, and parsley Though a bit on the pricey side it was so fresh and delicious. I think Boston needs a place like this. To-go food that is healthy and fresh. Would you buy your lunch, or a quick on the go snack at a place like this? What would be your ideal mixture? A couple blocks away is the Galeries Lafayette. It is another HUGE department store.  There I bought a "cape". It has no arms, but has arm holes, and covers you like a poncho! Everyone around here has one ( I will do a fashion segment later this week). It's Perfect for throwing over a tun of layers on a cold day!

If you click the photo below to enlarge you can see the cape.

I leave you with a picture of me and the camera man in front of the Tour Eiffel. WOWZA. It was awesome. You always see the Eiffel Tower in pictures, but seeing it in person made my heart stop. We were able to catch the light show that happens every hour after dark. We are going to the eat some falafel and baklava at the Jewish quarter today. Should be delicious!

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