Review: Tieks by Gavrieli

Tieks \\, noun, (usually functioning as plural).

Fashionable, full-time flats that fold to fit in a small purse.

I  always notice ballet flats and I am in constant search for a comfortable and stylish pair. I first noticed Tieks when one of my personal training clients was wearing them. She was rocking the camel colored Tieks, which created a really cool leg lengthening effect.  During class about a month later, I noticed that a student had a pair of Tieks lying next to her mat. In the middle of teaching class I said “NICE TIEKS!”  She looked at me and smiled and after class we got to talking and I found out she has a major connection to one of the main masterminds behind Tieks! And that is where it all started.

Tieks sent me a pair of cobalt blue ballet flats. They arrived in a wonderful Tiffany blue package. I was in love with the presentation and was crossing my fingers for the actual shoe to be just as good.

The first thing I did was smell the flats. Yeah, I don’t know why, but I did. They smelled like wonderful leather. Tieks are made of 100% premium, soft, top-grain leather.

Things that stood out from these flats compared to others:

  1. I felt SUPPORT! The soles of my feet were never sore.  Tieks provide a good amount of padding so you never feel your feet pounding the pavement.  I also really enjoyed teaching in them. The comfort of the shoe allows me to walk around during class as the split sole feature gives me the flexibility to demonstrate movements easily.
  2. The soles of some of my other ballet flats have become slightly detached from the shoe. I am not sure how Tieks soles are attached, but they are sturdy and not going anywhere.
  3.  The price point of Tieks are higher than other flats I have purchased. In this situation the price point of the shoe directly correlates to the quality. I am so impressed by all aspects, but can see how someone would think twice just by looking at the price. Once the shoe is on your foot, though, all questions will go out the window. You will love them!

When you put Tieks on your feet they feel like heaven! I was REALLY trying to find an area of the shoe that isn't comfortable or is itchy and rough. But I couldn't find one! I walked around my apartment in them. I walked around the city in them. I walked around class. They are truly genius. They fold up easily, you can throw them in your bag and feel beautiful all along the way.

What are your favorite flats? Have you ever tried Tieks?

Posted on December 21, 2011 and filed under beauty, vogue.