A workout video in HotDrop Apparel

NEW BRAND ALERT: HotDrop Apparel Meredith Evangelisti, who lives in Boston MA,  is a Bikram yoga teacher who just so happens to have her own fitness apparel line, HotDrop. I always love and admire when fitness people branch out into FUNCTIONAL fashion (like Kelly Dooley Of Body Rock Sport). You just know their product will be that much better.

Right now HotDrop is mainly in Bikram yoga studios, but Meredith is trying to expand her brand to more than just Yoga. Meredith shared some of her goodies with me, and I really love them. I have tried on each of her bras and they were all really awesome. I did zumba in the snake skin one, and a whole body workout video in Brallet. Across the board the support and style factor were totally there!

I will be wearing HotDrop in my next class. Make sure to check it out. :)

Here is your full body workout to start your weekend off right: I am wearing Brallet from HotDrop

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ubhrzYGE-5A&w=560&h=315]

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