Carbs, and the different types

I just got back from two weeks in the Azores and my vacation has inspired this blog about carbs. I was not really sure what to expect with the cuisine in the Azores. I assumed with all the rich land and ocean that I would eat plenty of fresh fruits, fish and vegetables. Instead I found my self surrounded by bread, boiled potatoes and cheese. Every meal consisted of cheese and bread and usually boiled potatoes, boiled cabbage, boiled kale, boiled carrots and boiled pork. I was missing fresh salads, whole grains, quinoa, brown rice and variety!! I never, however, felt deprived of fruit. There was plenty and I tried passion fruit for the first time. Delish!

While on vacation I was reading fitness magazine and ironically came across a Good Carb? Bad Carb? article.The article was helpful and I thought I would share it with you!

 Overall I survived! I limited my bread, cheese and boiled potato intake. I do not eat pork and only ate fish when I had the option of getting it grilled. I filled my plate with as many raw veggies as I could get, and the rest were boiled. Boiled is not how I usually eat my veggies because they lose some nutrients and flavor in the water. I made special trips to the (very small) grocery store and made sure to snack on nuts, fruit, and vegetables. Over all it was a good vacation, with some minor adjustments!
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