Full Body Chair workout!

Hello All!! Below is a GREAT workout using a chair. I really loved it, and think my next video might be a full length chair workout! What do you think? That way you can follow along with me! [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atKYgo7J998&w=560&h=315]

Some FUN news....I just entered into "The Face OF Fitness" photo contest for a chance to be on the cover of FITNESS MAGAZINE! How cool would that be? (If I was on the cover I PROMISE I'D SMILE!!!) This endeavor seamed right along my path considering I love fitness, I love inspiring, and I would love to be on the cover of this magazine. To be honest, I would be happy even with being on the inside pages of Fitness Magazine. I always wanted to be one of those fitness magazine models that demonstrates the exercise step by step... know what I mean?

This is where YOU come in... I need YOUR HELP! If I inspire you, if you enjoy my workouts and my blog and think I would be a good fit to be on Fitness Magazines cover then I would LOVE your VOTE. You can vote EVERY DAY until the 14th of this month, Sunday at midnight. After a couple of rounds of voting there will be 5 finalists. ONE of the FIVE finalists will be chosen by the readers... AKA readers choice... AKA chosen by YOU.  The Grand prize winner and the person who will be on the cover of Fitness is chosen by a panel of judges.

Q. How is the winner chosen?

The Grand Prize Winner is selected by a panel of judges from a group of five finalists. She will be selected based on her overall fit and healthy appearance in her photo(s), personality of entrant as expressed through the photos, quality of the photos, and quality of her essay. One of the finalists comes from the weekly Reader's Choice voting. See Official Rules for more details.

THANK YOU for your love and for inspiring ME. XO... now go VOTE!

Posted on October 10, 2012 and filed under sweat, fashion, fitness.