My favorite homemade halloween costumes

I LOVE homemade costumes. They are fun, different  and I appreciate them far more than any store bought one. Sometimes we do not have enough time to make our costumes, but if you do... you need to try these! Tea Bag costume:

I used this costume 3 years in a row! It was a fave of mine because I was comfortable and warm! It also got a lot of attention.  I went to a craft store to buy all the supplies, and I gathered leaves from my parents backyard. These are the directions that I followed:

For my teabag costume, I purchased a few yards of Crinoline, a couple yards of cording and a box of Lipton teabags. I cut out two huge rectangles the same size. I then laid one on top of the other and sewed the sides and bottom. 

Open up the top and fill about 1/3 with dried leaves. Fold the top in on both corners making a point and fold down like the top of a teabag.

Cut off the top of the teabag box and shape like the paper tag of a teabag. Hot melt glue to 1 yrd of the cording and then sew the cord to the top of the bag. 

I made two complete bags and attached them with fabric straps at the top so that I could just throw it over my head. 

It was a big hit at the doctor's office I work at on Halloween! We always dress up! I wasn't just any old bag lady, I was a tea bag lady!

I wore a long sleeve black shirt, black tights and black shorts under it and carried a teapot and large strainer

Jelly Bean Bag- I made this costume all by myself and I was in 5th grade. So I am pretty sure you can handle it...unless you are a baby reading my blog. It was easy and AWESOME! Not the best picture of the costume. I am all the way on the right.


  • Blow up ask many little colorful balloons as you can. Do not pass out!
  • Buy a STURDY clear plastic garbage bag.
  • You will also need ribbon to tie the top of the bag

Cut leg holes at the bottom of the garbage bag, slide yourself in the bag.  Add as many colorful balloons in the bag to make them look like jelly beans!  Tie the opening of the bag around your shoulders or neck and you are a jelly bean bag.

And Last year I was a SUSHI ROLL !

I also went to a  fabric store for this costume and I bought:

Shiny (cheap) silk kinda material for the raw "salmon"

White stick tape for the lines in the salmon

I got this amazing material that looked like seaweed and wrapped it around the salmon


Wear all white

Make a pillow with the salmon color fabric. Stuff with cheap stuffing and sew it up. I can not sew for the life of me, but somehow I made it work. You want to create diagonal lines on the salmon with the tape. This is what really made it look like a piece of raw fish! Wrap the pillow around you with the seaweed looking material.

The final touch: I took a headband and attached material that I made look like Ginger and wasabi paste. Finally, I stuck chopsticks in my hair. FUN. Easy. AND SO CHEAP!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE HOMEMADE COSTUME? I still need idea for this Halloween!! Help! 

And I leave you with this fun Halloween video!

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