Pret A Manger coming to BOSTON! And I am not afraid of brownies...

My first encounter with Pret A Manger was in London. I was roaming the city while my fiance was at work.  I was  hungry  and so I began to search for a place to eat. I came across what I thought was a little unique cafe to London. I grabbed an already prepared salad that had some type of lentils and vegetables.  I can not remember exactly which one, but I remember being so excited about how fresh and delicious the already prepared salad was.  I started taking pictures of my food and the store so I could remember this cafe and we could revisit. When my fiance got out of work I told him I discovered the BEST cafe, "Pret A Manger"!! He laughed and informed me that this "one of a kind cafe" is actually a fast food chain that can be found on every corner in London and NYC. I was shocked and a little embarrassed. But the food has my approval, and I am so excited for its entrance to Boston. I only noticed two locations opening in Boston one on Franklin St., (right near Equinox) and one on Boylston Street, across from Marshalls.

Yesterday, outside Pret A Manger, there was a man giving out "chocolate brownie bites". I talked to him for a little and at the end he offered me a brownie. So I took it...YES! I ate a brownie, well half of one. I ate half of the brownie not out of deprivation but because I was satisfied and did not need more.  It was delicious. Rich, fudgy and just oooooh so yummy. People often ask if I eat anything other than vegetables and grains. YES I do. Before I ate the brownie I read the ingredients. My rules: if the brownie has anything artificial in it, or if I can not make this brownie myself from the ingredient written, I will have NOT eat the brownie.  And that my friends is the truth.

I could understand and read every ingredient, so I joyfully ate half the brownie. I drooled over every bite. I did not have any regrets while I ate the brownie, do not have any regrets today and I will not tomorrow. I do not eat a brownie every day, but I say if you are going to eat the brownie... eat the brownie! Meaning: do not worry about it, embrace all its goodness... you are eating a brownie so enjoy it and don't ruin its yummy-ness with your regret!

OH one more thing! Pret A Manger is going to be giving away 1,000 FREE lunches on the 15th and 16th of November! OR Maybe its the 16th and 17th?! I forget but keep your eyes open and try this place out!

Posted on November 6, 2012 and filed under food.