I have decided to give up the "ZUMBA" name

My 5 year anniversary of becoming a ZUMBA instructor is approaching. As a teacher and a dancer I am continuously developing, learning and growing.  My main goal as an instructor is to offer the best of me, 100% of me, to my students.

It is time for me to hand off the ZUMBA instructor name.  I am thankful for ZUMBA and where it has taken me but what once was my ZUMBA class has now developed into my own "dance cardio fusion" class. I no longer follow the required ZUMBA class format, and most of the dances in my class I create on my own. At first I felt it was necessary to use the ZUMBA name because people are familiar with it and are more likely to try something that they have heard of before. But now, I am confident that people will come for me, and my class, and not for the ZUMBA name.

So starting in December I will no longer be calling my classes ZUMBA- I will transition in to a dance cardio type name. BUT do not fret. If you have been taking my class for the past 6 months, not much will change. I will still be creating awesome dances that get you sweaty and make you want to jump all night long. AND I will still add in some Latin flair (Aviva, I know you love that hip shaking).

I am excited to see where this takes us. Thank you for following, and for your support! This change will allow me to be more creative and cater to what YOU want and desire in a class. Song requests are my favorite. Some please keep them coming!!!


Posted on November 15, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.