Happy Monday!

This Friday and Saturday was a lazy one for me! I somehow motivated myself to make a video. My butt was actually a little sore the next day. I did it in my sweatpants :) Try it out! [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uP47PmeOgyM&w=560&h=315]

My wedding is officially 2 months away! UM crazy! Everyone keeps asking if I am all done with planning. I keep saying yes, and then 1 hour later I will have a minor freak out remembering the million things I have to do. It is always the little things that pile up at the end. But all in all I am loving the planning. Let's hope I feel this way in a couple of weeks.

I went for a hair trial last week and told my hair dresser I wanted to leave with " The Kelly." She has done Kelly's hair before, so she knew exactly what I meant!


This hair style is inspired by Kelly Kalley, formally Kelly Dooley. She is the mind behind Body Rock Sport Bras, my little fitness apparel obsession.

And I leave you with this: Sites that I constantly find myself going to as I have to find different dresses, shoes and accessories for different events: I LOVE ordering online. So easy, and if it's free shipping and returns you really can't lose.





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