Married! A little preview of my wedding weekend.

This weekend was the best weekend of my life... so far. I will wait after the honeymoon for a detailed post, but I wanted to capture a few highlights of the day/night. (pictures are in random order) Right before our big reception entrance, my friend snapped this picture.


Morning of the wedding. Such crazy high energy! Getting ready to get my hair done... AHH!!!!!!Image

Our venue. Inside is a blank canvas where you can do anything. Artists for Humanity.


Elise, from Lillybelle foods catered our lunch! My bridesmaids and I LOVED it. I can not wait to share what was on the menu.


Our first dance!!! I will share the video when we get it :)


TIEKS!! I had to spread the love that I have for Tieks with my (7!) bridesmaids and my mom(s).  Everyone was so excited to get their gifts. I wore my Tieks for all the dancing!

photo (27)

A while back I asked for your advice on which hair piece I should wear at the cocktail hour... most of you said this one!

photo (28)

One of a kind, custom made necklace made by my sister in law! How amazing?!  This piece got a lot of attention at the wedding.

photo (25)

I am exhausted and still have to pack for my honeymoon. I leave the house in 5 hours!!!!!  Off to Vietnam. I will be posting (hopefully I can get internet somewhere) videos on YouTube.  Follow on with #brandonandlauren


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