A workout for a bummed leg or foot

I rolled my ankle last night during my dance cardio class. It happened in the first 10 minutes of class and somehow I was able to finish teaching. Everyone in the class saw it happen, so they were all supportive. All class I felt like I was doing the sprain dance, like Lisa Turtle. I even saw some students in class hopping on one leg like me.



It is annoying to have an injury but you can still find ways to work out. Like this person:


I sprained my ankle once in college while in dance practice. I was out for about 2 weeks. I swam every day to keep myself in shape. So if you have a bummed leg or foot try this workout. It will focus on your pecs (armpits), abs and your back! 





Posted on July 10, 2013 and filed under Uncategorized.