Summer version of a caprese salad, foam rolling your neck, and my 100th YouTube video!

Camera man and I went to our friends house this past weekend and had a wonderful meal. The most memorable part of the dinner was the appetizer; a twist on the traditional tomato mozzarella.



4 peaches (one for dressing)

big mozzarella ball


fresh lemon zest

lime juice


chilli powder





1 peach

2 tbs honey

fresh lemon zest

1/2 c lime juice

3/4 tsp cumin 

3/4 tsp chili powder

1.5 tbs tequila 

salt to taste

place in magic bullet or blender and mix away until smooth!


slice your other three peaches 1/4 inch thick

slice mozzarella a little thinner than the peaches

Coat each peach-slice with dressing and then place on grill on medium to high heat for about 3-5 minutes on each side or until grill marks appear. 


When peaches are ready, plate immediately. Place one peach followed by a slice of mozzarella followed by a peach followed by mozzarella and then top off with a peach. In the end it will be 3 slices of peach and 2 slices mozzarella! You can drizzle a little more dressing on the top.

Dish will be warm and delicious. The mozarella will melt just a little from the heat of the peaches! ENJOY!!!

My neck has been acting funky lately so while the peaches were grilling I grabbed my friends foam roller (who also happens to be an amazing trainer) and she taught me how to foam roll my neck against a wall!


You want to place the foam roller on your neck and walk your feet out away from the wall so that your body weight pushes against the foam roller and puts some nice pressure on your neck muscles. I loved this! It felt so good!

In other news....I  posted my 100th video to YouTube!!!! In order to celebrate I did 100 repetitions of all the exercises in the video. It sounds more intimidating than it is... I promise! Give it a shot and let me how you did. Thank you for all your continued support!


Posted on July 19, 2013 and filed under apps/side dish.