Long and Lean Class = Success


A BIG THANKS  to all who came out on Sunday and rocked it all class. It was an amazing turnout and the energy was off the charts. I could not have done this without the incredible support of my friends and family, and my rock star photographer aka husband. This was our first huge event we planned and we pulled it off. I am so inspired to do something like this again. Thank you, thank you!

I wore an American Apparel tank, Body Rock sports bra, and Beyond Yoga leggings.


For those of you that could not make it here is a recap:

1. We had a dance party while working out

2. Everyone woo'ed at least 3 times

3. People were smiling while working out... yes I swear

4. The music was hopin' and lead by DJ Elan

5. The venue was just perfect, open space and a lot of natural light.


6. We used Thera bands through some of the workout that helped us target our butt and arms. 


And we obviously did a killer plie series! 

And finally a big group shot!


So many prizes were given away: THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SPONSORS!!!! How lucky are we...

EVERYONE got a Thera band to take home with them and use during the workout.

The Energy Barre an AWESOME studio in Reading. My favorite place to go for a workout. They were so generous and gave away a 10 class pack and also provided extra mats for those who needed. Julianna (the owner) and Liz (personal trainer and also teaches at The Energy Barre) were my models on the side of me. I have taken amazing classes from both of them!  Meghan was in the center. She is a student of mine, turned teacher. It was only natural that she became a teacher as she was a "star" student.

Violet Love head bands gave away 10 headbands!!! Want to win your own? Here is how to enter!

Salon Acote Free blow drys and 5 free hair cuts

da active hoodie

Kind Sacks

Reebok outfit, shoes, yoga bag, yoga gloves and socks

Beyond Yoga $100 gift card

Tieks $200 gift card

Hot Drop Apparel Five Lauren Bra's

Hefez and Sons Jewelers pearl earings and silver ball earings

Via Prive bags

Equinox water bottles

Hint Water

If you were at the event I would love to hear in the comments below your favorite part!!!! Thank you so much for your support and we will do this again! XO

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