How to strengthen your ankles... so important! (elastic band needed)

We do not do it enough. Strengthen our ankles. A few days ago I half way rolled my ankle. It did not get sprained but it was enough for me to feel a strain. This video was inspired by that unfortunate event and from many of my YouTube followers asking for an ankle strengthening video. Strengthening the muscles around the ankle is so important! It's the kind of thing where we don't do it until we need to. BUT I really think we should do it BEFORE we need to. It is easy enough to do in front of the TV, or after a class at the gym. It takes under 10 minutes and can save you from one of the most annoying/frustrating  injuries that can really mess up your workout routine.

So watch the video below and let's get some stronger and more stable ankles!

Posted on September 13, 2013 and filed under fitness.