NYC Photo Shoot and Figure 4 Training

tara stiles photoshoot 1.jpg

 Hi everyone! These past few weeks have been quite adventurous! I did a photo shoot last week with Tara Stiles for Reebok’s NEW spring/summer 2014 Yoga line. There are some very awesome clothes to get excited about! (I have to keep most of it secret but lets just say some stirrup pants are involved!!!!) The shoot was such a cool experience, and I loved every second of it. It was a full day of shooting in this really unique industrial warehouse.

tara stiles photoshoot 2.jpg

 Hair and makeup is always one of my favorite parts! I never really glam myself up for teaching, so when it is a photo shoot I totally embrace it! For fitness shoots they usually leave you with more of a natural look. In fact there was no lipstick or foundation put on my face for this shoot, and my hair was thrown up in a pony!

tara stiles photoshoot 3.jpg

Tomorrow I am off to NYC again for a 3 day barre training at Figure 4. A few of us Equinox girls are doing the training and will be brining it back to Boston, at the NEW Chestnut Hill Equinox. It should be quite awesome!

I have been slacking on YouTube videos and blog posts, but after this week ill be back at it! XOXO

OH and I ended up getting the fo-hawk for the wedding. It was SO rockstar and fun! 









Posted on October 16, 2013 .