How to Protect Your Ring While Working Out

 People in my classes always ask me how I  protect my ring when I workout. I come from a family of jewelers so I probably should take better care of my ring than I do. I usually just let the metal hit the weights and get scratched up. Maybe once a year I will get it polished and buffed to look like new! But getting your ring all dented and scratched is not a great idea.

My student said I should invent a product that would protect rings when working out, but with little investigation I found it already exists. 

1. Ring wrapper


  2. Ring Cozy

Both ring protectors cover your ring while it is on your finger, so you do not have to take your ring off and risk losing it. I had a student of mine test it out. She first put on the ring wrapper and it was too tight on her finger, she then put on the cozy and it was great.  I tried both myself and they both have their perks. Ring wrapper hugs your finger tight, is low profile, and is a bit more difficult to put on. But it doesn’t move when it is on or feel like an annoyance. Ring cozy is more padded and the material is a bit more comfortable, but it doesn’t hug your finger as tightly. They will both protect your ring and leave it scratch free! 

What do you do with your ring before you workout? Do you keep it on? How do you protect it?

Posted on October 23, 2013 .