baked haddock with mustard, bread crumbs and parsley

Any of you watch(ed) Dexter? My camera man and I love Dexter, but we only watch it when we get together with my brother and sister in law. We are working on finishing up the last season.  We got together this past Friday to make a delicious dinner and of course have a Dexter marathon. 

Menu: Baked Haddock, brussels sprouts, brown rice and a really delicious dessert (that I need to get the recipe for) with some homemade lattes.


Haddock or any white fish

dijon mustard (about 1/4 cup)

minced garlic

Panko bread crumbs (we didn't really measure anything just kind of winged it! about 1.5 Cups) 

chopped parsley just a little to add to bread crumps

 salt and pepper to taste


preheat oven to 365 degrees

chop garlic and mix with mustard. Everyone will use a different amount of mustard. It depends on how big of a fish you have.

Coat white fish with mustard and garlic, salt and pepper.  

Chop parsley and mix with panko bread crumbs. You do not need a lot of parsley. Just a little to add some green! Place on top of fish. Add a tiny spray of oil on top of fish after you place your bread crumbs so that they brown and get a little crispy in the oven.

Bake haddock for 20 minutes (more or less depedning on thickness). For the last 45 seconds broil fish on HIGH to get the bread crumbs a bit crispy! This dish is easy to make and of course tasty. 

For a side we had brown rice and baked brussels sprouts! And for dessert some amazing butter-less egg-less pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies. Will get the recipe! 


The next day I started early and took class with one of my best friends Liz Morrison. She is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. There are few people in the fitness world that I go to for advice and questions, she is one of them! She has taught me so much and I always love taking class with her. She works you hard while being motivating and inspiring. She makes you believe that you CAN do it..  well, because,  of course you can. She is a gem in the fitness world! Go check out The Energy Barre and take her class



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