What I ate in NYC

I went to visit my bff, Lauren, in NYC this past weekend. She knows I am picky when it comes to food so she always takes care of me, taking me to good, fresh, and wonderful restaurants with healthy options!  

My camera man and I left Boston early and caught a 7am train. I made Camera man and I a green smoothie for the ride. Camera man used to be against any kind of green drink, but I am easing him into it. I add in a a little more fruit which makes it a little sweeter and easier to take down. I also add unsweetened almond milk, when I usually use water. The almond milk makes it a little creamier.

When we arrived to NY, Lauren was still at work so we roamed her hood and came across a place called Hummus Place. It was downstairs and what I would consider hidden. It was a friendly place with a laid back vibe. At first we were one of the few people in the restaurant but within 20 minutes it was packed. We ordered a sampler of hummus and a side salad made up of cucumbers and tomatoes. A nice light lunch that held us over until Australian cuisine dinner.

The next morning I took Lauren to take a Figure 4 class at Pure Yoga. This is one of the more difficult classes I have taken. You are constantly moving and working. We were both so sore the next day and it was just awesome. After class we went to Cafe Lalo for brunch which is the same cafe that is in "You've Got Mail."

Even though Lauren said I would "love this place" I  was a bit nervous when I walked in because all I could see was a huge glass case filled with all kinds of pastries and cakes (notice first picture with Tom Hanks, that is the case I am talking about!). But, when we walked in a little deeper and I started checking out peoples plates of food I knew I would be just fine!

A lady was eating something that looked delicious so I asked our waitress what it was... "steamed eggs." STEAMED EGGS?! WHO KNEW YOU WOULD DO THAT!!!! No oil or butter! This got me so excited so I obviously had that.

They look like regular eggs and taste ummm just awesome. I got the steamed eggs with mushrooms, onion, grilled zucchini, tomato, and fresh herbs.

I could get two sides so I got the mediterranean salad and mixed greens. I actually asked for potatoes but they messed up. I wanted to take a picture before I started eating but I was SO in to my steamed eggs I totally forgot.

After breakfast we took on the snow storm and went to a local market that had really wonderful fish. We got sushi grade tuna, brussels sprouts, and black rice. Will, Lauren's husband, seared an amazing tuna leaving it perfectly raw on the inside.

OH how could I forget! Lauren took me to this amazing cookie place, Levain Bakery. It was a tiny little bakery with many people crammed inside. It smelled amazing. Yes, I totally eat cookies. Not every day, not every week, not even every month, but when I do I savor every bite. This walnut chocolate chip cookie was SO worth it!

All 4 of us; Camera man, me, Lauren and Will split 2 whole cookies that day. We had one after brunch, and one after dinner. OMG. I can still taste it. 

Have you ever had steamed eggs or made them? Where is your favorite bakery and what do you get? 


Posted on December 17, 2013 and filed under travel.