14 day whole food detox

I am a huge supporter of eating clean, whole foods. What you put in your body is super duper important. We all know and have heard it before, diet and exercise go hand in hand. In order to achieve a healthy mind and body I believe you need to eat whole foods and move your body every day!

Jody and Ashley from Team J+A reached out to me and told me of their 14 day whole food detox. I know Jody and believe in what she teachers.  It is not a diet, or a fad. This food cleanse will teach you how to make the right choices for your body and how to make it a lifestyle. You will gain so much valuable information and have so much support that you will be able to take what you learn in these 14 days and make it into something more. 

The detox officially starts 1.5.14 but I encourage you to start thinking about clean, whole food eating now. I will be doing the detox with you, and I am so excited! The price is $197 but don't be afraid! I teamed up with Jody and Ashley to give you some prize incentives to help with the cost :) 

If you signup for the detox through J+A and use the coupon code "Lauren" ** at checkout:

  • you will get 1 free saturday cardio dance class with me
  • one lucky winner will get a FREE Personal Training session with me
  •  If you encourage a friend to signup as well (and they actually sign up), you will get a FREE PRIVATE small group "Long & Lean" class with you and up to 15 of your friends. ***

So how about it? This is the year! I know it! XOXOXO

Please email with any questions!  Wishing you sweet sweat!


** I have teamed up with J+A for this promotion in which I truly believe in. But I want to disclose that I will receive a kickback from every referral using the Lauren code.

***Class can only be held on a Saturday and you must email me to set up a time and date

Posted on December 9, 2013 .