Strala Yoga with Tara Stiles

I never pictured myself becoming a Yoga teacher. I am a loud energetic girl who doesn’t have a “yoga voice” to say the least. I also never understood the foreign yoga language. My friend Melissa (who manages the relationship between Tara and Reebok) told me the Strala Yoga guide training was coming to Boston and that I should do it with her. Like me, Melissa is a dancer (and kick boxer), and a not a “yogi”, we were happy to have each other through the training. She was actually quite good!



I had met Tara before at a Reebok event, and right away I knew that I liked her. I actually didn’t even know who “Tara Stiles” was. Later I found out a little about her past, how she modeled and danced, and through Melissa I found out that she is the founder (alongside her husband Michael Taylor) to Strala Yoga. Also a type of Yoga I had never head of before. My curious self did a little research, looked up her website, and watched her on YouTube. She is different, refreshing, smart, beautiful and could be one of the coolest people.  A few weeks after the Reebok event I  found myself at Reebok, again beside Tara,  as a few of us “modeled” a short 2 minute Strala demo class that Tara lead.

You feel comfortable in Tara’s class. She is non judgmental and so not what you think of when you think of a  yoga teacher. Strala Yoga is different. ANYONE can do it. Seriously. It is not about being the best or the greatest, the smallest or the strongest. It is about figuring out YOU, about playing with your body movement, and setting your mind at ease. It is not about hitting certain poses, or getting  boggled up in “am I doing this right” or  ”why do I not look like that”. Strala Yoga is freeing to say the least.  Strala teaches you to be “easy” in your body, relaxed. No pushing, or struggling or fighting to get your body in certain poses. You do what you can you do, and somehow you will find yourself doing more than if you struggled through it. The idea seems so simple right? Yet many of us  find ourselves fighting and holding tension to get where we want to go and do what we want to do.

I felt SO happy, awake and alive after taking class with Tara. It was an incredible feeling, I look forward to taking class again next time I visit NYC. One huge lesson I am taking from my training with Tara and implementing  in my  classes is my own mentality as a teacher. “How can I help, over what can I prove”- Tara

OH and a rock star took the guide training. Check out his groups stuff. They are quite good, and cute!


Strala Yoga is about reaching the world of people, not just the yoga world.”  -Michael Taylor

If you are ever in NYC try out a class. I would love to hear what you think! What is your favorite type of Yoga and why? Have you ever tried Strala yoga?

FUN FACT: Both Tara and I were named one of the “Five Fitness Gurus to Follow on YouTube” by Teen vogue!


Posted on September 27, 2013 .