Rainbow Health Center: Massage Review

A client of mine recommended Rainbow Massage Center, so this past Thursday I said "what the heck" and made an appointment.

I walked in a couple of minutes before my appointment and realized I could have walked in without an appointment at all. There was a light up menu on the wall behind the desk and the kind man asked "what would you like" almost as if I was ordering an illegal service... or fast food. I ordered the 60 minute deep tissue.

The place was dimly lit and  super clean, which made me happy and feel comfortable.  The man had me follow him to a room with a bed and some coat hooks. He told me to get naked and get under the sheets. I was so confused because usually there is blanket already laid out for you to get under, but in this situation you have to cover yourself with the blanket that is placed at the end of the bed. See image below.

I was SO confused and started to get under that little paper-like bed covering. As I was getting under, the the paper starting ripping  and I was thinking to myself "this is so weird, I am not even covered by this thin, sheer, paper." Then it hit me I am supposed to lay ON TOP if it.... ok that was silly.

The massage started off with me fully covered by the blanket/soft huge towel. My head was covered also. He was able to massage me even under all of that. This lasted for what felt like 30 minutes and i wondered if he would ever touch my actual skin.

Finally the towel came off and he started the deep stuff. It was nice long strokes with lots of oil. I usually don't love to be doused in oil, but somehow it worked. He was able to workout the kinks in my neck, my back and my glutes. OH MY did he get my glutes. 

There was not much attention given to my legs, but that was ok since I needed the back and butt much more. He did however hit my IT band and that felt very nice. I asked him to do my head (I love head massages) but that lasted for 20 seconds and was just OK.

I was told to flip around after being on my stomach for 55 minutes! So only 5 minutes was I on my back. He pressed some buttons on my feet and that felt so good I wish it lasted a bit longer. This made me think that I need to come back for some reflexology.

The one thing that really bothered me was the head/neck support. There really was none and it is literally like you are sticking your head through a hole with no support.  I kept on shifting and trying to get comfortable. My chin was pressing against the bed so I would shift a bit and then it was my head. The constant adjusting took away from allowing me to fully relax. Usually massage places have something like this:

message head.jpg

But Rainbows head support looked like this:

rainbow head 2.jpg

With a few towels around the end. But it wasn't enough for me....

rainbow hole head.jpg

There was no music, but maybe that is good for people. It was very quiet. Overall I left feeling good. The price point is great, $59 for 60 minutes deep tissue. Yes, I would go back again, but test out their reflexology instead. 

What is your favorite massage place??

Posted on January 11, 2014 .