Intermix Fashion Show

Last Wednesday some amazing Boston fitness instructors gathered together and got glammed up for an event at Intermix on Newbury Street. We were all super excited to wear something other than spandex and showcase Intermix's newest fall items! 

The Intermix event was to bring awareness to and support Tedy's Team (stroke awareness) and to get the word out there about the new blog Ms Fit For Society.


The two founders of Ms Fit For Society are super sweet. We have Jessica Diaz who is the fitness part of the blog and Alisa Kapinos who is the fashion part of the blog. Through the blog they bring out both of their strengths and merge them together. I do have to say though they are both very fit, and have super fashion. Jessica, Alisa and I pose during the event (below). 


After the event I did a little more reading and found this artcile that I think we can ALL learn from. You DO NOT have to be old to have a stroke. Learn the signs, and do not be scared to speak up. Thank you so much Jessica for sharing your story. I am sure you will help many,

Some photos from the event: Maryanne and I posing in the changing room. Maryanne is a ROCKSTAR instructor at Equinox. We call each other sister- I just love her.


Below are most of the models. I met some AMAZING ladies that I had heard of but never actually met, until this event. Thanks to Intermix for bringing us together. 


Pilateswhanneke: Hanneke  a fellow Equinox Pilates instructor. She is an inspiring life coach as well.

XLODDE: Christina Lodde teaches at flywheel and also a trainer at Barry's Bootcamp. I have heard her classes are awesome.

ERNLINZ: Erin is an in demand instructor at flywheel and was also a Rockettes dancer for 9 years in NYC!

 maevebryne: Maeve's name came up in conversation many times before. I was so excited to finally meet her! She supposedly has an awesome ZUMBA class that I can't wait to try!!!!

emboslice: Emily Susen is a spin instructor at Recycle Studio (I used to live above Recycle studio and would randomly bump into Emily). She also teaches at Barry's Bootcamp.

Rseids: Rebecca is a hot mama of 3. She teaches yoga privates and is an inspiration.


It was a fun event with a lot of networking. I met some awesome people with some possible collabs in the future! Until next time  XOXO

Posted on October 6, 2014 .