Are you buying the right eggs?

Marketing and labels can be misleading when it comes to food, especially eggs! There are so many different eggs and options: cage free, organic, free range, farm fresh, hormone free... and the list goes on! What does it all mean and what should we be looking for?

The Bullsh*t Terms:


  • Farm fresh: Really means nothing. Just a term marketing uses to make the eggs seem more "fresh" and appealing. 
  • No hormones: It is actually illegal to give poultry hormones, so this term means nothing.
  • Free-range: bah!  All it means is that the chickens have access to the outdoors which is only a  small screened off enclosure or patio.

The Stuff  That Matters:

  • cage free

  • pasture raised

  • organic

For more info on this read here! OH and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! XOXOXO


Posted on December 31, 2014 .