What is Trending...?

 Every week there is something new that people are talking about. What is trending for SWLH (sweat with lauren hefez) this week? :

Oil pulling. I heard about it MONTHS ago, thanks to my friend Christine. She told me her sister is doing this thing where you "swish coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes". I thought she was a little crazy but at the same time intrigued. What is oil pulling you ask? I might try it for  a little, but I feel like this is something I will get bored of or forget to do. I like to floss, brush and mouth wash thank you.

Thigh gap Target photoshop fail goes viral.  It was yesterday morning 6am and I was checking my Instagram feed before my 7am class. I come across a post by blogilates showing a picture of a target swimsuit model and the terrible photoshop job that was done. This story has now gone viral and Cassy was the one to break it. I think of myself being the second person to post it :)


Ok so maybe Cassy has like a million more likes than me... but whatever. 

Selfie. Just check out the video. It will amuse you annnnd it is now on my class playlist.

Posted on March 12, 2014 .