Planning a bachelorette party? Read on...

Start off your bachelorette party right with an energizing, toning and sculpting workout to awesome music with your best friends! Every party  I have held was a blast with SO many laughs and smiles. Your endorphins are raging and the music just keeps you going.

I love holding fitness bachelorette parties. They are SO MUCH FUN! It is usually held in the earlier part of the day so that you can shower, get ready for your lunch/day and dinner/night plans! You can do a cardio dance party that will get you sweaty, or my signature class "Long and Lean" that is mat based and focuses on sculpting muscles... or a mixture of the two! Want a themed party?  Or maybe weekly/biweekly private group sessions to get the bride and all her friends ready for the big day? Possibilities are endless. Email me for more information!

Themed parties (80's) are a blast. This group did a barre inspired workout class and jammed out to 80's music the whole time. I loved their workout gear. This was a total surprise for the bride. 

These two groups had their parties near the beach! (yes I can travel to you!)

Bride/bridesmaids arms in the making...

This group took their workout to the Charles on the MORNING OF the wedding! Great way to relax and get in a last workout to make sure your muscles are perfectly toned and ready to walk the runway... eerrr I mean aisle.

bachelorette sara D.jpg

A straight-up cardio DANCE PARTY!

OR a mix of the two half cardio dance & half Long & Lean class. These ladies laughed the whole time. :)

OR you can get together with a bunch of girls for NO reason and have an awesome private class!!! 

If you are planning a bachelorette party, I want to help and be part of your day! Let get you all in shape for the big day! XO Email me for details.


Posted on March 17, 2014 .