Exclusive workout for my Blog Readers

Here is a workout that is just for YOU, my readers. 

This workout has a total of 5 different moves. In the video below I show you each move step by step.


The Workout:

#1 BUTT WORK (on all 4's)

  • 25 mini pulses
  • 25 half way up half way down
  • 25 full range, down and up



#2 Inner Thigh and Butt (grab a block or large hard book)

heels down toes up

  • 50x's lift butt and squeeze knees together 
  • 50x's heels stay down and together, knees open and press out

Do #2 twice through


#3 Side Butt

  • 25 side butt lifts
  • 25 toe to toe and knee to knee
  • 25 clamshell
  • 15 pulses in clamshell



#4 Pushups and Planks

  • 15 pushups
  • 20 twist knee to elbow in plank position

do #4 twice through


#5 Abs

  • 25 crunches legs in tabletop
  • 25 crunches legs in tabletop add a butt lift
  • 25 bicycle 
  • 25 Starfish (when you lie on the ground legs and arms out wide and then you lift yourself in to a ball on the mat, low and lift)
Posted on March 24, 2014 .